18.3104° N, 65.3031° W Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra, Puerto Rico Coordinates

The world-renowned Flamenco Beach draws many people to Culebra. And Flamenco is a charming, quarter moon shaped stretch of sand. The palm trees shade the edges of the beach, the trade winds stir the air, and the Atlantic beckons. And, of course, there is the crazy sight of tanks, falling into the sea, and the sad history they evoke at Flamenco. But as anyone who has spent time on Culebra knows, there is a lot more to the island than Flamenco Beach.

First off, there are several other fabulous beaches that anyone who gets off the beaten path will have the pleasure of exploring. And, the diving and snorkeling around the island of Culebra is spectacular, especially at Playa Carlos Rosario, Luis Peña, Cayo Lobito, and Cayo Raton. If you are into wildlife, the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge on Culebra and the surrounding islands is not to be missed. The refuge – and much of undeveloped stretches of Culebra itself – protects a diverse tropical ecoystem of dry forests, mangroves, lagoons, and beaches, as well as the surrounding coral reefs and seagrass beds.

The only thing that rivals the natural beauty of Culebra is the people. And there is not better place to meet locals and visitors alike than along Ensenada Honda and Laguna de Lobina. Waterside restaurants, bars, and coffee shops are speckled throughout the area. And, with boats passing by, huge tarpon cruising the waters, and the Culebra spirit in full effect, there is a great vibe to the place.

Part of the charm of Culebra is that you cannot just drive there from mainland Puerto Rico. Instead, you either need to be born there or make your way by ferry, small plane, or private boat. And there are no resorts, just a friendly local community who welcomes visitors. And that Culebra welcome can be especially sweet after arriving on a full ferry that was bucking the trade winds and swell the entire way from mainland Puerto Rico.