Extinction or Rebellion It's time to choose.

Extinction or Rebellion It’s Time to Choose

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns that “scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal.” And this warming has had rapid, and potentially catastrophic, change for life on earth. But our leaders and much of society are not taking adequate action.

The ocean has absorbed much of the increased heat from global warming with the top 100 meters of the ocean warming six-tenths of a degree Fahrenheit since 1969. Ice sheets have been dramatically shrinking and glaciers are in retreat. Global sea levels have risen eight inches in the last century. And that rise is accelerating every year. Extreme weather events – hurricanes, intense rain, heat waves, and the like – have been increasing. The ocean, absorbing a large portion of human civilization’s carbon dioxide emissions has caused the ocean to acidify, endangering coral reefs and, even more critically, plankton, which are the basis of the marine food web.

It is all incredibly scary stuff. And all the while, governments and industry leaders seem to be incapable of taking the dramatic actions that are necessary to curtail our emissions and remediate the damage that we have already put in motion. Time is running out, and only by demanding action will humanity and life itself have a chance to survive. 

For the sake of our future and that of future generations, we must act. While this t-shirt is not going to solve the problem, it does proclaim that you recognize the dangers and calls on our leaders to make the substantive changes that will protect life on this earth. It really is coming down to a choice between extinction and rebellion.