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Hipsters, Jesus, and Fayetteville, Arkansas

Fayetteville, Arkansas, was where the idea for our Jesus is a hipster t-shirt originated. As many of you know, the town is home to the University of Arkansas. What you might not expect, however, is that Fayetteville has a substantial number of hipsters. Don’t get me wrong; nobody is going to confuse Fayetteville with Brooklyn. But you will see a few bearded hipsters calling the hogs at a Razorbacks football game, indistinguishable from the bearded redneck undergrads doing the same. But the hipsters will be saying “woo, pig, sooie” ironically, of course.

About a decade ago, I found myself amongst the hipsters, rednecks, and everyone else in Fayetteville. As one does in these situations, I had a few Lone Stars at several places of refreshment, probably starting and ending in Dickson Street Pub. After a while, I headed to the restroom to relieve myself and looked up to see Jesus was a hipster on the wall above the urinal.

Since that time, I have had some time to ponder whether Jesus was a hipster. There are some good arguments in favor of that notion. Of course, I am also fully open to the idea that Jesus was not a hipster. The one thing that i do know, is that thinking and talking about whether or not Jesus was a hipster is a very fine activity that we fully support. Hence, we decided to create this Jesus was a hipster t-shirt design to share with the world.

"Jesus was a hipster" text with a silhouette of a man in robes and bare feet extending his arm

You can wear this design to proclaim your belief in a hipster Jesus. But our sales research suggests that far more people wear the Jesus was a hipster t-shirt to provoke a conversation - Bible study or otherwise - amongst friends about whether Jesus was actually a hipster. Regardless, you will definitely get a lot of looks, comments, and knowing nods from passersby while wearing this Jesus was a hipster t-shirt.