Map of the Virgin Islands with the islands in black and the sea in red, gold, and green

Rasta Virgin Islands Map

Spend some time in the Virgin Islands, and you start to realize that the local Rastafarians embody the spirit and heart of the islands. Like the gentle lapping of the waves and the refreshing trade wind breezes, the Rastaman is a symbol of the islands. Promoting peace and spreading love. along with the pungent smell of ganja, Rastafarians are a huge part of what make a trip to the Virgins so memorable. And our Rasta Virgin Islands Map t-shirt expresses the Rastas’ deep cultural imprint on the many islands of the British and US Virgin Islands.

Developed in Jamaica in the 1930s, Rastafarianism is part religious movement, part cultural force. Rastas recognize Ethiopian emperor Hailie Selassie I as a human prophet or even the second coming of Jesus. But, more critically, they see the presence of Jah, or God, in every person, which encourages them to treat everyone – local and visitor alike – with love and respect. They live naturally, take cannabis as a sacrament, and live and let live. It’s a recipe for a lovely society.

If you are longing for a little feel of the Virgin Islands, a little of that comforting and healing spirit, you know that there is really only one recipe: book a flight or sail your boat down to the Caribbean. But, barring that, Jah guide and show your love and respect for the Rasta spirit that is at the heart of the islands that you love with this great t-shirt. Or take one down to the Virgins with you and give it to your favorite shady Rasta. Either way, it is the least you can do for the Rastafarians who do so much to make the Virgin Islands such a welcoming place.